VoiceHacker Apps

Welcome To VoiceHacker Apps

VoiceHacker Apps creates applications which change the way you see your voice. It's run by passionate vocal coaches who use the latest science to make voice training open to everyone. With your help, we're working to build a set of apps that can tell you how well you speak, and show you how to speak better.

We're making apps for:


Radio DJ? TV presenter? Podcast host? Getting ahead on the airwaves takes a great voice. We'll help you get the vocal variety and gravitas you need.


Keep losing your voice? We're making apps that teach you to project your voice healthily to help you get on with teaching your class.


Assessed presentation coming up? Combat stage fright and get honest feedback without having to ask your friends.


Job interviews can make or break your career. Get the edge on the other candidates by learning to project vocal confidence.


Find yourself pitching the same thing a hundred times a day? We're making apps to send your figures soaring by optimising your voice.


Ever wondered how you sound when you speak? Here's your chance to learn what your voice says about you - and how to change it.


Want to see what we can do? Record a sample of your voice and send it off to us! We'll run it through the tech that we're working on right now and send it back within 24 hours. We'll measure your pitch, pauses, projection, the tone of your voice and even tell you what impression it makes on others.

Loads of people have done it already - check out the examples below!

Created By Matt Pocock, 2015